IrEye - Infrared Remote Control

Install and Use



1. >> JAVA

At first you need JAVA 2 (JAVA 1.2 or higher). You can download the current JAVA-plugin for free form Install it and remember the install-path.

2. >> IrEye x.x

Download and unzip the current IrEye package to a directory of your choice.

3. >> IrEye link

Update the link IrEye.lnk as follows:

dest. : >path to java<\bin\java.exe ireye.irEye
run in: >path to IrEye x.x<


dest. : C:\Programme\JavaSoft\JRE\1.3.1\bin\java.exe ireye.irEye
run in: F:\IrEye 0.6

And the link IrEye - demon as follows:

dest. : >path to java<\bin\java.exe ireye.irEye demon
run in: >path to IrEye x.x<

4. >> Run

Execute (doubleclick) IrEye x.x or IrEye x.x - demon!

5. >> Autostart

IrEye - demon starts IrEye without the configuration window (to start faster and be smaller). So you can use it for autostart. Just copy the link to your autostart folder in the windows start menu.



- JAVA 2 , version 1.2 or higher

- MS Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP

- min. 200 mhz microprozessor, serial port




This tree branch concerns the receiver part. Here you can load or add new remote controllers, which your PC should listen to.

Configure remote controllers:

Add a new remote control in the IrReceiver branch and give it a name. Add a new button to the control and name it (you cannot add another one until you rename it!). Record the signal for your button. Add at least one function to your button and name it (see button!). Add a command to the function, configure it below and test the function by pressing the button on your remote control.

IrReceiver marks:

If you have enough buttons to control everything you want, you don't have to use marks. But in the most cases it is helpful to assign several functions a button. To achieve this you can use control- and shift marks. When a mark is set, all buttons of the control will only run functions that match both actual marks. A control marc is set permanent, so you have to make an other function to reset the control marc. A shift mark is only active for the next pressed button, it is also reset after a short time. Functions that set marks can but must not have commands in their list.


Add remote controls and record signals for their buttons. You can send them from IrReceiver functions with the "send IR signal" command in IrEye commands.

Command pool:

Here you can see and configure the command classes that are installed in your IrEye version.


Copyright (c) 2001 Artur Wiebe